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Source files - Current Version

Fixed the culture problem

This version has a bug fixed where creating an Image or a Blob would cause a null pointer error.

Compiled DLL (

I am still uncertain about creating manifests and assembly info - so this comes with no guarantees. If anyone can let me know if this is wrong, and/or what sort of stuff I need to add/edit in that area, I would be much appreciative.

ImageMagick Files - To help out

Project files to compile Image Magick source

These files contain the project setttings required to compile all the ImageMagick sources ready for linking into MagickNet. They were built for ImageMagick 6.3.1, but should be easily ported to furture releases (hopefully). Just unzip this file into the VisualMagick folder in your ImageMagick installation, open the VisualStaticMTDLL.sln, and hit the build button. Should work fine - let me know if not.

Precompiled ImageMagick Libraries

For if you can't get the compiler going, drop these files into your MagickNet project, and link against them. Note that you will still need the ImageMagick sources, so that the headers can be compiled with MagickNet.

ImageMagick Files

ImageMagick Mirror Page

I have set up a mirror for the ImageMagick sources, if you need them. Only http transfer available, I'm afraid, but you can get the all the necessary files from here.