I have been a Chris De Burgh fan for many years, well before Ferryman came out, but that song is one of my favourites. When I did an arrangment of it, although I was still quite inexperienced, it got picked up by the Official Chris De Burgh website, and they asked me to do a few more.

I really don't think I've done enough to properly honour the brilliance of the man, but here's my small tribute to a great songwriter/singer.

Don't Pay The Ferryman wma
This was the first of my Chris De Burgh arrangments, which I did simply because I love the song. You can hear my inexperience in it, but I did re-mix it a little to suit the Roland keyboard, so the wma does not sound too terrible.
In A Country Churchyard mid Still very early arrangment, but I love the piano work in it. I really should re-mix this to suit my keyboard, and then record it, as this mix does not quite sound right with the standard windows sound banks. I think back when I did this, I was using a SB-Live card, and goodness knows which sound-font it was mixed to. Hopefully re-mix it for the Roland in the not-too-distant, and improve the sound quality a bit.
A Spaceman Came Travelling wma
This was an early arrangement, but I re-mixed it for my Roland. The mix still sounds a bit technical, but the wma file has come out ok. The synths give it the eerie feel I was looking for, while the piano work provides it with a nice, acoustic sound. The mix of the two works well for me.
Satin Green Shutters mid This is a really nice song, although like many of Chris's songs, has a hint of dark undertones. My arrangement, with the original synths, managed to capture this. It needs a remix for the Roland synts, but I don't think there's too much work to do there. The feel has held in there, even though the technical mix is not quite right.
Crusader wma

This is the last complete arrangement I did of Chris's work, and it took me ages. The song has 3 distinct movements, with the 1st movement repeating at the end as a conclusion. The 3rd movement is a battle, which the sheet music did not provide. So I have ad-libbed here, trying to produce the feel of a medieval battle. Lots of overdriven guitar and distortion, I think, has succeeded.

This is one I did a complete remix for the Roland on, and so it sounds a bit better than much of my early work. This is one of my favourites, and I hope you enjoy it too.